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Coax or coaxial cables are used for regular electrical installations such as satellite TV. VRGHT is a professional coaxial cable supplier in China, and we provide high quality cables for sale as below:


RG59 coaxial cable
RG6 cables are made of 95% copper shields, which makes their insulation not as good as RG6 cables, but this helps them block RFI inclusion. If you need to work below 50 Mhz, RG59 is the way to go, especially the applications like Plasma TV, component video, video projectors, and other baseband videos, CCTV.

RG6 coaxial cable
RG6 cables are made of foil shields and braided aluminum shields, which makes them have better insulation properties. The inner conductor is thicker at 18 AWG copper center. This helps RG6 cables provide longer distance proficiency and better bandwidth. This cable can be used in Satellite DSS applications, CATV. 

RG11 coaxial cable
RG11 Coax Cable Offering less attenuation and signal loss than other coax cables, and itis designed to work with high-frequency ranges and maintain signal integrity across distances. With an impedance of 75 Ohms, it is built for longer runs.

RG174 coaxial cable
The RG174 Coax Cable is a 50-ohm coax cable suitable for use in a vast array of commercial applications, such as sending data signals in GPS and WAN/LAN networks. RG 174 also features a small, flexible diameter. It consists of a bare copper-clad steel conductor, solid low-density polyethylene insulation, and a PVC jacket.