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Ethernet Cable manufacturer in China | GHT

If you are looking for a professional ethernet cable manufacturers and coaxial cable manufacturers, VRGHT is your best choice. VRGHT specializes in wholesale distribution of professional-grade home theater and networking equipment and accessories. As a professional cable manufacturer in China, we have been producing various types of cables for years, including Cable Connectors, Phone Cord, Speaker Wire, Fire Alarm Cable, Cat3 Cable, Elevator Cable, RJ45 Connector Converter & Adapter, Cable Rack, Patch Panel, Modular Jack, Electric Trailer, Solar Cable, Satellite Cable.

we have been dedicated to the commercialization of networking and structured cabling for more than twenty years, we devoted ourselves to providing products with excellent quality and thoughtful service to our clients, we are approved by ISO 9001, VDE, CE certificates, all our products are RoHS, REACH, FLUKE compliant. Our cables and wires are widely used in the construction of buildings, airports, power transportation, urban and rural power network reformation, and other main projects.