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Category 6a, or cat6a cable, the cable is the next iteration of Gigabit Ethernet cabling. The "a" stands for 'augmented' and is an acknowledgment of Cat6a's improved specifications, compared with its predecessor, the Category 6, or Cat6 cable.

1. Cat 5e vs Cat 6e: A Cat 6e cable is much different than a Cat5e cable due to its thicker gauge (AWG), higher bandwidth, and faster speed capabilities. Cat 6e cable is perfect for all residential and commercial high-speed network installations.

2. Cat 6 vs Cat 6e: The Cat 6 Ethernet cables generally have 2+ twists per cm, Cat 6a cables utilize shielded which is sufficient to all but eliminate crosstalk. However, this makes them less flexible than Cat 6 cable.

VRGHT’s Category 6A Copper Cable offers a wide range of options for your CAT 6A network. VRGHT, Cat 6a cable manufacturer, also offers different types of networking cables in CAT6, CAT6A, and CAT7 like Outdoor cables, LSZH cables, PVC cables, FTP cables, STP cables, SFTP cables, etc.