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high quality Composite Cable

Composite Cables have a number of different components laid up within the bundle. These types of cables allow for multiple transmission paths by various components, whether they be metal conductors, and allow the user to have a single cable, therefore reducing the overall cost and lead time for installation.


Model: Composite Cable

Composite Cable Characteristics:

(1)Short outer diameter, light weight, small space usage(usually a series of problems can be solved with multiple cables, which can be replaced by a compound cable);
(2) low procurement costs, low construction costs and low network construction costs;
(3) it has excellent bending performance and good side pressure resistance, and is convenient for construction;
(4) it also provides multiple transmission technologies, with high adaptability to equipment, strong expansibility and wide application scope;
(5) provide huge bandwidth access;
(6) to solve the problem of equipment power consumption in network construction (to avoid redundant power supply lines).