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CCTV Cable

Video surveillance system also know as CCTV system, is a set of electronic appliances that have embedded image capture capabilities.

What type of cable is used for CCTV?

When it comes to hooking up your security cameras, you must transmit video through some type of cable for cctv. In the CCTV industry, you can use RG59 cable, and CAT5 cable from cctv cable factory - GHT, china cctv cable etc.

RG59 coaxial cables - Coaxial cables are thick ropes of wire or non-metallic fiber, which consist of an inner insulated core of stranded or solid wire are surrounded by outer insulated flexible wire braids.  

What kind of cable is used to connect the CCTV monitor to the DVR?

RG59 consists of a run of RG59 coaxial cable, and two 18-gauge wires. And it is the typical cable used to transmit video from a camera to a DVR/Multiplexer or monitor, and to provide power to the camera.