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10 11 2021

HDMI Switch Guide: What is it-and How it Works?

When you see there are so many cables connected between your electronic devices. Some confusion may raise up in your brain. How these cables work. For example, why we should use HDMI switchers in our devices. How does it work in electronic devices? The first step to understanding how does it work is

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15 10 2021

4 Best Fast Charge USB Cable

Fast Charging USB cable is the best option to reduce the waiting time of charging power. Since the huge process of smart technology, everyone can not live without their own phones, even go to the bathroom. For us, a smartphone is a knit connection with the internet. Here is a question comes. When th

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27 09 2021

A Fun Fact: VGA Cable’s Pins

What is VGA Cable? VGA (Video Graphics Array) is a common standard for video output that uses analog signal signals. VGA was first introduced in 1987 by IBM for the 640x480 displays. VGA connectors have many pins that each have their own function on the screen display. Although most modern electron

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23 09 2021

Helpful Guide: What Are the Differences Between VGA and HDMI?

VGA and HDMI both are used to connect devices, such as DVD players, to a display (TV, projector, and PC monitor). VGA is a relatively old cable standard that only can transfer a video signal. HDMI is a nowadays basic cable standard for newer electronic devices. When you have a curiosity to know abou

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