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CCTV Cable with 4 Pin Aviation Connector for Car Camera

4 pins Aviation Extension Cable Features
Application of this Cable:
For vehicle rearview backup system.
This cable is perfect for transmitting video,audio and power.
Simplify installated car rear view systems , using one cable to carry video,audio and power
Extend the cable on your camera easily with this extension cable. Don't waste time soldering or crimping together your own cables or voiding the warranty by splicing in your own wires. Most cameras only have a few feet of cable coming with the camera. This cable will help you to extend the power and video signals and even the audio(if the camera with audio). so it is much easier than to mount your camera at anywhere you would like within this range.
1) All-in-one video,audio(if your camera with audio) and power cable
2) 15M video audio power extend cable for vehicle backup camera system
3) Suitable for all kind of vehicle to extend the installation distance of camera
4) Used to Connect Camera to Monitor, or camera to Mobile DVR
5) 4Pins Aviation Male & Female Connector with screw lock, you don't have to worry about the disconnection during the movement of vehicle
6) 5M/10M/15M/20M/25M/30M... Optional.