Is a Network Cable an Ethernet Cable?

We may could define infer that network cable is one of the inseparable parts of our lives. Without them, all electronic devices can not work. Because computers, telephones, and TV all can not work without the use of cables. It is hard to imagine what we can do without electronic devices made by network cable manufacturers.

The computer supplier speaks about Ethernet cable and the television supplier focuses on the standard of the cable connection. The public also get confused about which cable to buy? Then, a question raises “Is network cable same as Ethernet cable”. Today, allow me to solve this confusion and give a detailed introduction about ethernet technology and cable.

Is a Network Cable an Ethernet Cable

As a matter of fact, the network cable is a general term that is consists of many different applications. As for the ethernet is a local area network access technology. Therefore, any cable that connects to a system/device can be called “Ethernet cable” or “network cable”, including Lan cable. Obviously, a networking cable is the same as an Ethernet cable.

What is Ethernet Technology?

Created in the 1970s, Ethernet technology is versatile for any household and office wired electronic device. This technology indicates a system that needs a network cable to make a connection. The devices that don’t require the wire operation do not belong to this category.

Xerox handed over the responsibility of Ethernet Technology to IEEE. After that, the Ethernet becomes an open standard that is available to all users. IEEE exclaims that the Ethernet technology is a standard to configure the equipment. As the time goes by, the network cable ethernet also become more and more important.

What is an Ethernet Cable?

An ethernet cable is a wired connection that could connect your electronic devices(tablet, game players, computer, etc.) to a network, which allows you could access the internet and make interaction with the shared network resource. Therefore, there are different network ethernet cable types to meet the different electronic devices.
There is a category standard in the Ethernet cable. The category guides you which the function of the cable. Take an instance, Cat 6 cable, also known as patch cord cat6, has faster speeds with a limit of 10Gbps, and a maximum distance of 55 meters. For those commercial factories, if they want to get special cable for their unique electronic devices, they could make customized network cable, according to the category standard.

Which Type of Ethernet Cable Is Best for a Home Network?

The best Ethernet cable is the one that could meet the specific needs of your electronic devices. Therefore, the "best" cable depends on your specific needs. If you are using the Cat 5 or older one and want to get a better internet speed, your best Ethernet cable is the one that could provide a relatively higher internet speed.
Cat5e cable may be your best Ethernet cable. This type of cable is built under strict standard which could improve the reduction of the the crosstalk, compared with cat5 patch cord.


In one word, the networking cable is as same as Ethernet cable. The only thing you need to understand is the category of the cable. The category is the significant factor that determines your Ethernet speed, a suggestion from China professional UTP Cat5e manufacturers.