HDMI Switch Guide: What is it-and How it Works?

When you see there are so many cables connected between your electronic devices. Some confusion may raise up in your brain. How these cables work. For example, why we should use HDMI switchers in our devices. How does it work in electronic devices? The first step to understanding how does it work is knowing what it is? Just follow the author, the author would give you a clear illustration about HDMI cable.

What is an HDMI Switch?

●An HDMI switcher is a Multiple HDMI sources feeder. The HDMI switcher allows the electronic devices to feed multiple HDMI sources to a single output, regardless of the different sizes on the HDMI source. The HDMI switcher is also friendly to the users. It is because the users could select the input channels.
● This switch is a management tool. As above mentioned, the HDMI switcher is capable to feed multiple HDMI sources to a single output. The HDMI switcher not only allows this multiple feeding but also can manage these multiple sources. Although the HDMI switcher can not provide the sound that is the same as the A/V receiver does. However, partnering with the power amplifier, the HDMI still gets the same basic function as the A/V receiver.
●Notice: IT is not a A/V receiver. Although the HDMI switcher can get the basic function of the A/V receiver has with a power amplifier, it still can not perfectly replace the A/V receiver. The basic functions that an HDMI switcher gets can not meet our normal needs. You can not get the same sound from your display internal preamp that you can get from an A/V receiver, and you also can not be able to take advantage of consumer electronic control (CEC) which allows you to control all of your devices with one remote.

How Does an HDMI Switch Work?

Okay, after reading the first part of this article, you may get a major idea about the HDMI switcher. It’s time to get back to the original problem----How does an HDMI switcher work? Once we talked about the working of the HDMI, we can not avoid the function of the HDMI cable. HDMI switcher can not work without an HDMI cable. You could pick up your HDMI cable to make a careful observation.

You may find that an HDMI cable has 19 pins on the HDMI plug. You can not underestimate these tiny pins. Actually, the wire pairs of the HDMI cable are terminated in these 19 pins. In the HDMI switcher, each of 19 pins takes charge of different communication tasks.

The communication tasks are conveying the signals of sound, pictures, electronic device information, playback controls, and others. Therefore, the 19 pins play an important role in the working of the HDMI switcher. Relying on the pins, each electronic device can convey the signals from the 19 pins to the corresponding pins of the output signal.

When Would You Use an HDMI Switch?

When you don’t have enough input, you could use the HDMI switcher. The HDMI switcher is an affordable patch to richer the few input of your TV, AV receiver, or soundbar. Especially in your home entertainment system, the HDMI switcher could help you a lot. For an instance, your entertainment only has one HDMI input, so that you can not use multiple HDMI devices simultaneously. The HDMI switcherer can help you solve this problem.If you want to get more clear display, you also can buy a 4K HDMI to upgrade the display quality of your TV.

Is an HDMI Splitter the same as an HDMI Switch?

In the electronic market, the electronic suppliers also provide HDMI splitter. But is an HDMI splitter the same as an HDMI switcher? No, they are totally different products. Here are the major differences between them.

Source & Output

An HDMI switcher is an electronic accessory that allows you to un multiple HDMI devices through a single television set.

As for the HDMI splitter, it is a more affordable substitute for the HDMI switcher.It is an electronic device that duplicates or “splits” the signals of received video and audio content into many, so that makes the signal can be displayed on multiple sources. Based on their definitions, we could also get the major difference between them.

HDMI switcher: Multiple Source, One Output
HDMI Splitter: One Source, Multiple Output

Labeling Difference

Their functions determine they have totally different labeling. Although the labeling seems similar, their meanings are totally different. For example, an HDMI splitter labeled as 1x3 means one source input and three outputs. As for the switcher, if it is labeled as 3x1, that means three source inputs and one output.

HDMI Switch & HDMI Splitter: Which is Better?

If you want to know who is the winner in the comparison between HDMI switcher and HDMI splitter. There is no winner between them.

It is because they are used for totally different purposes. If you prefer to get an electronic accessory to broadcast one device over multiple screens simultaneously, the HDMI switcher is your best choice. If you are looking for a device to display two different outputs in one TV, the HDMI splitter is your best choice.


After reading this article, your confusion about the HDMI switcher get fully solved. In one word, the HDMI switcher lets the multiple sources transform into one output, partnering with the HDMI cable. If your are finding the best HDMI cable, you could trust GHT, the professional HDMI cable factory in China.