A Complete Introduction to RCA Cable

Although we have known that electronic devices can not work without the corporation of the various cables. When we enjoy the fruit of the development of technology, we may have no idea about the Ethernet cable.

Today, As one of the most professional RCA cable manufacturers, I will detaily introduce one of the first used cables ---- RCA cable to give a glimpse of the development of communication technology.

What is RCA Cable

The RCA cable was invented before the invention of Cat 5cable. The RCA cable is named for the Radio Corporation of America, which was first used to connect phonographs to amplifiers in the 1940s.

Then it gets popular in the 1950s and is still in use today. There is two common RCA cable in the market. One is composite video, the other one is component.

Composite Video Rca Cable

The composite RCA cables are usually red and white or black for distinguishing the right/left audio channels cables and yellow for standing for the composite video cable. The composite video is analog, or non-digital, containing the whole video data in one signal.

Component Cables

The component RCA cables are relatively sophisticated cables, which can be used in HD TV sometimes. The component RCA cables usually consist of three video lines, two audio lines.

The color of the video lines is red, green, and blue. The video lines are red and white or black. The Component cables are capable of much higher resolutions than the first type of RCA cable: 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080p, and even higher.

Application for RCA Cable

Although the HDMI cable has the same function as the RCA cable, the factory still direct sells RCA cable currently. It is because the RCA cables have a friendly price and could implement the relevant and perform various use.

The major use of the RCA cables is capable of connecting various audio and video devices such as cameras to TVs, speakers, and stereos.

For high-end camcorders, it still processes three RCA jacks----One RCA audio cable, two video channels cables. That means any signal can not be conveyed to the camcorder without these RCA jacks.

As for the lower-end camcorder, it only processes one jack----a stereo jack. This jack is a combination of the above three RCA jacks. This combination leads to poor video and audio signals of the compression in signals.

Is a Digital Audio Coaxial Cable the Same as RCA?

The digital audio coaxial cable is different from the RCA cable. In the following parts, I would illustrate the differences between them from different perspectives.


The digital coaxial cable is a cable that connects digital audio devices. As for the RCA cable, it seems like the coaxial cable is to connect a type of cable of analog audio connection. 


Furthermore, the designs of these cables determine their functions and performances. The design of the digital coaxial cable is a thick shielded design with RCA connectors.

The RCA cable is a simple side-by-side conductor design with RCA connectors.

Furthermore, the coaxial cable can be divided into several types of cables. RG-59 coaxial cable and RG6 cable are the most commonly used coaxial cable for home use.

Today, most factories also develop rg 59 coaxial cable into rg59+2c, RG6 into rg6+2c cable.
rg59+2c cable factory

Which One is Better?

From the perspective of the technology, the digital coaxial cables are better, are relatively advanced than the RCA cable. Also, because of the better shielding, the coaxial cables can make a great performance in a bad environment.

When it comes to residential use, the RCA may be better in the comprehensive evaluation. It not only has a lower price but also could be used in the old devices.Then, the RCA cables are more commonly used in home.

You may understand the RCA cable still take a place in the competition between coaxial cables. Therefore, you could use them both in combination instead of abandoning the RCA cable, if you are planning to update your electronic devices.

Take an instance, for those advance and important devices, you could use the coaxial cable. For example, you could use it in connecting the large cable that pre and power amps. As for the RCA cables, you could use them on the old devices.

HDMI VS RCA Cable: Which One is Better?

When you find the factory also direct sale HDMI cable, you may also wonder that which is Better Between HDMI cable and RCA cable?

Honestly, both of them work well in their job. The HDMI cable may be a better choice, with its single cable. The HDMI cable could convey both audio and video in one cable.

It also delivers superior video quality, surround-sound audio quality, 3D support, and so on. Furthermore, Various lengths of HDMI are available: 2m, 5m, 10m, 20m, etc.
hdmi 4k

Do RCA Cables Matter?

As above mentioned, the RCA cables are relatively cheap and out-out time in technology. But do they matter? Are they still play an important role in conveying audio and video? My answer is Yes!

The great RCA cable could provide a great auditory experience by making a difference in the sound system, especially the good one. For those musicians with trained ears, the RCA cables are matter.

Where to Buy RCA Cable?

Everyone wants to get the best RCA cable or coaxial cable at a good price. But the key point is where to buy RCA cable or coaxial cable? You may want to have a visual and acoustic feast when you are getting tired.

But the feast would not happen when the great RCA or coaxial cables are absent.

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GHT offers a variety of cables, such as rj45 connector, rj11 connector, Cat6 cable, cat7 cable, cat5e cable, and so on. Furthermore, various specifications of cable are available for you. 


All in all, the RCA cable is affordable and practical for residential use. If you are purchasing RCA cable in bulk, you could get the high-quality RCA cable in China RCA cable wholesaler, GHT. GHT is a high-tech company specialized in producing Ethernet network cables, VGA cables, HDMI cable, VGA cable, and so on. It is a professional factory direct sale coaxial cable, VGA cables.