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31 08 2021

Buyer Guide: The meaning of Cable Jargon

After we briefly understand the basic types of ethernet cables. It’s time to learn some jargon to load up the knowledge of cable. In this page, we would list a few standard ethernet-related terms and explain what each words means while giving you unambiguous idea what you can expect when you p

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23 09 2021

Helpful Guide: What Are the Differences Between VGA and HDMI?

VGA and HDMI both are used to connect devices, such as DVD players, to a display (TV, projector, and PC monitor). VGA is a relatively old cable standard that only can transfer a video signal. HDMI is a nowadays basic cable standard for newer electronic devices. When you have a curiosity to know abou

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27 08 2021

How To Choose The Ideal Ethernet Cable

When you enter into the online shopping page of Ethernet cables, you may confuse about the megabits, Cats, and cable. Selecting the ideal cabling works for your network system is difficult without guidance. Here, you are on the right page, we are here to help you figure out the network cables. Fi

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08 09 2021

Purchasing Guide: HDMI

What is HDMI? HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface), is first developed by a consortium of electronics manufacturers, which is a standard for simultaneously transmitting audio and digital video from a source, such as a computer to the computer monitor. Nowadays, HDMI has been commonly seen

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