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(Syv-75-3+2c Rg59+2c) Composite Siamese Coaxial Cable for Setellite/Monitor/CCTV Camera

RG59+2C Siamese cables give you the power to centralize your video and power distribution for your CCTV systems, and allows for more flexible placement of your security cameras.
Model: RG59+2C
Comply with RG59+2C specifications
Product: RG59+2C Siamese Cable
RG cable:
Conductor: BC/CCS 
Insulation: FPE/PE
Braid Coverage: Copper/CCA/AL-MG Wire Braiding 95%
Sheath: PVC/LSZH 
Center Conductor: BC/CCA/ALMG
Dielectric: Solid PE (Red/Black)
Sheath: PVC/LSZH