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1X4.0mm2 Solar Cable Photovoltaic Power Cable

Solar Cable: Construction, Double insulation, electron-beam cross-linked cables for photovoltaic power station, off-grid solar system, on-grid solar system.
Model: Solar Cable
UV, ozone and hydrolysis resistant, High temperature resistant, the materials do not metl or flow, Good cold flexibility, long service life>25years at 90 entegrates degree
Rated voltage: AC0.6/1KV,DC1.0/1.8KV. High Voltage.
Rated current: 41/55/70A. High current caring capacity
Conductor Material: Tinned copper strands
Cable specification: 2.5/4.0/6.0mm²
Connector Type: Male to Female/Male to Male, can be customized
Temperature rating: 45°C upto +125°C, -40°F upt+125 °F
Max.short circuit temperature: 280 °C,+536 °F
Function: pass 30A electric current, pass IP67, High Strength waterproof 
Mechanic properties: Fixed installation>4X, Occasionally moved>5X