Ultimate Guide: Various Types of Cat6 Network Cable

Without a doubt, the Ethernet is the greatest invention in the world. It not only narrows the distance between each user but also makes the information shared instantly. But this convenience is constructed by a variety of Ethernet cable that connects our electronic devices. Today, as a professional China network cable wholesaler, GHT would introduce you to the commonly used Ethernet cable----cat6 network cable.

What is Cat6 Cable?

The Cat6 cable, also known as cat6 network cable, LAN, or Ethernet data cable, is a 4 twisted pair sheathed copper wire cable that can support data transfer rates of up to 1 gigabits (1,000 megabits).
This Cat6 cable also indicates that this network cable belongs to Category 6, which could be divided into SFTP cat6 network cable, FTP cat6 network cable, and UTP cat6 network cable. This high bandwidth allows for quick transferral of large files in an office network.

What is CAT6 Cable Used for?

Generally speaking, the Cat6 cable is used for connecting a computer to another electronic device like a router, switch, and others, so as to share the file. Also, it could be used for connecting computers to printers, scanners, and other devices. Therefore, the CAT6 cable can let your computer connect with a wide range of devices.

Various Types of Cat6 Network Cable

Generally speaking, according to the factor of the shield, three types of Cat6 network cable are available: SFTP cat6 network cable, FTP cat6 network cable, and UTP cat6 network cable. In the following parts, I would introduce you to the Cat6 network cable in detail.

SFTP Cat6 Network Cable

Based on the standard Cat6 network cable, the SFTP Cat6 network cable is specially designed for the mobile application. Covered by an extremely flexible robust jacket, it guarantees reliable performance in critical conditions. The superior shielding of the SFTP Cat6 network cable would block outside interference from disrupting signals transmitted across wires allowing for maximum protection and faster transmission.

FTP Cat6 Network Cable

The FTP Cat6 network cable is the foil twisted pairs network cable, supporting the Ethernet Lan. This foil twisted pairs design provides great help to reduce cross-talk and electromagnetic interference.

UTP Cat6 Network Cable

UTP cat6 network cable, also called Unshielded Twisted Pair cable, is a 100-ohm copper cable that consists of 2 to 1800 unshielded twisted pairs surrounded by an outer jacket. This network cable has no metallic shield, leading to the cable being small in diameter. This is the only type in Cat6 cable that it doesn’t protect by the shield.

Is CAT6A Faster Than Cat6?

Technically, based on all premise conditions being equal, the answer is “Yes.” But it doesn’t mean the Cat6 is the better option. It depends on comprehensive factors. Indeed, the Cat6a network cable just does better than the Cat6 cat6 cable in the bandwidth. But when it comes to cost and ease of installation, the Cat6 network cable may be better.


All in all, the cat6 cable plays a vital role in maintaining the working of the Ethernet. In order to ensure the stability of your network, buying a good quality Cat6 network cable and cat6a network cable are vital. As the world’s leading network cable factory, GHT could provide you with the best cat6a cable and cat6 network cable.