RJ11 VS RJ45: What's the different between RJ11 and RJ45 connector

Two of the major common jacks are the RJ45 and RJ11, each with its own specific purpose. Connectors using the distinction Registered Jack (RJ) explains a standardized telecommunication network interface. 
If you want to get the main point to clear the main difference between RJ11 and RJ45, I will honestly tell you the obvious difference is their different specific applications. You could also make a distinction from their number of pins. RJ11 has 6 pins and RJ45 has 8 pins. If you want to know more answers about the connector, click here: What's the difference between RJ11 and RJ45 ethernet cables?
                                 RJ11 Connector                                                                        RJ45 Connector

The comparison between RJ45&RJ11

  RJ11 RJ45
Confirguration 6P4C (6 positions, 4 conductors) 8P8C (8 positions, 8 conductors)
Bandwidth  Can support about 100+Mbps Support up to 10Gbps over Ethernet, provided the other equipment like network cables also support that speed.
Shape and Size Compact, square-shaped Longer, more rectangular
Usage Phones, ADSL/VDSL lines, modem cables. RJ11 is mostly used for voice applications. Computer networking.RJ45 is used in Ethernets or connecting cable/fiber modemsor NBN box with Wi-Fi routers.


Can I plug an RJ45 plug into a RJ11 port?

Even if you really want to plug an RJ45 plug into an RJ11 port, you can not plug it in during the actual operation. You may also wonder can I plug RJ11 into RJ45? Do not do this! You may have a successful try that plugs RJ11 into the RJ45 socket. However, your action may damage the RJ45 socket by pushing pin 1 and pin 8 so far into the housing that may not restore. If you use the socket at a later time, you may probably fail to plug the connector into the socket.


RJ45 commonly applies to Ethernet cables, while RJ11 is connecting to telephone units.  RJ45 has 8 pins in the socket, and RJ11 has 6 pins. If you buy the connector, you should notice their difference, in case of purchasing the wrong cables.