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RJ45 UTP CAT6 Patch cord/Patch cable with FTP Connector Grey color

Cable Type Cat6 patch cord 
Conductor Material Pure Bare Copper
Data Rate Support 1000Base-T and Maximum to 10GBase-T
Gauge (AWG) 26/28(customized)
Max Transmission Distance 100m
Wire Scheme T568B, Straight
Operating Temperature -20 to +75°C (-4 to 167°F)
Shielding Type Shielded (SFTP)
Length 7ft (2.1m) (Including Plugs)
Conductor Type Stranded
Maximum (Tested) Frequency 550MHz
Cable Outer Diameter (mm) 3.8 ± 0.2
Twisted Pairs 4 Pairs
Standard ISO/CE
Installation Temperature -10 to +50°C (14 to 122°F)



Can A Patch Cord Be Used For Ethernet?

My answer is Yes! Because they are the same in the cabling network, the patch cord can be used as the network cable ethernet. But, before you apply the ethernet patch cord into your cabling system, you should know that the ethernet patch cord is ideal for smaller distances, from the patch to the switch.

Is A CAT 6 Patch Cord the Same As An Ethernet Cable?

Generally speaking, the Ethernet network cable and patch cords can be regarded as the same thing. Therefore, CAT 6 patch cord is as same as the CAT6 network cable. Furthermore, the patch cord cat6 is compatible with the type or category of ethernet cables over which the network runs.


Features of Patch Cords CAT 6

*GHT network patch cord is according to international standard EIA/TIA standard design manufactured, with excellent transmission performance, prevent loosening, self-locking, pluggable flexible functionality, high quality material, precision craftsmanship, and the pluggable life > 1000 times. It is application to equipment/distribution frames between multiple user modules quick links.

*T568A/t5688 general line sequence

Conductor used in multi-stranded wire, soft, pliable;

*Shield patch cord using 360°shielding design, with good resistance to electromagnetic interference characteristics.


RJ45 UTP CAT6 Patch cord/Patch cable with FTP Connector Grey color
network cable ,ethernet cable 
UTP cat6 4 pairs copper//CCA twist wire patch cord

Industrial Standards:YD/T1019-2001,(USA)ANSI/TIA/EIA-568B,(International)ISO/IEC11801/71156

Conductor:Solid&Stranded soft circle twisted copper/CCA wire

Insulation:High-density Polythene(HDPE)


 Rip wire (Optional)

Rating Temperature:75

Application:ISDN,10BASE-T EthernetIEEE802.3)100BASE-T EthernetIEEE802.3).155MbpsATM100Vg-AngLAN(IEEE802.12)TP-PMD(ANSIX3T9.5)16mBPS Token RingIEEE802.5)1000BASE-T EthernetIEEE802.3ab)