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Cat7 Patch cord

Cable Type Cat7 patch cord 
Cable Jacket PVC  (Round)
Conductor Material Pure Bare Copper
Data Rate Support 10GBase-T
Gauge (AWG) 26 (7/0.16mm)(customized)
Max Transmission Distance 100m
Wire Scheme T568B, Straight
Operating Temperature -20 to +75°C (-4 to 167°F)
Shielding Type Shielded (SFTP)
Length 7ft (2.1m) (Including Plugs)
Conductor Type Stranded
Maximum (Tested) Frequency 600MHz
Cable Outer Diameter (mm) 6.2 ± 0.3
Twisted Pairs 4 Pairs
Standard ISO/CE
Installation Temperature -10 to +50°C (14 to 122°F)

RJ45 Cat7 Patch Cable/Patch Cord

*VRGHT network patch cord is according to international standard EIA/TIA standard design manufactured, with excellent transmission performance, prevent loosening, self-locking, pluggable flexible functionality, high quality material, precision craftsmanship, and the pluggable life > 1000 times. It is application to equipment/distribution frames between multiple user modules quick links.

*T568A/t5688 general line sequence

Conductor used in multi-stranded wire, soft, pliable;

*Shield patch cord using 360°shielding design, with good resistance to electromagnetic interference characteristics.

What is Patch Cord Cable

Patch Cord, also called patch cable, is a connection between two electronic or optical devices to each other for signal routing. Therefore, the patch cord cable is critical to the operation of electronic and optical equipment, and can allow system performance to operate at the intended high speeds and bandwidth.

Why Choose VRGHT’s Patch Cord?

As one of China's leading patch cord manufacturers and patch cord wholesalers, GHT takes pride in our dedication to providing you with the highest quality China patch cord. The patch cord we offer meets the international standard EIA/TIA standard design manufactured. They not only perform greatly in transmission but also have self-locking, pluggable flexible functions.