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RJ45 UTP Cat5 Patch Cable/Patch Cord

RJ45 UTP Cat5 Patch Cable/Patch Cord



*GHT network patch cord is according to international standard EIA/TIA standard design manufactured, with excellent transmission performance, prevent loosening, self-locking, pluggable flexible functionality, high quality material, precision craftsmanship, and the pluggable life > 1000 times. It is application to equipment/distribution frames between multiple user modules quick links.

*T568A/t5688 general line sequence

Conductor used in multi-stranded wire, soft, pliable;

*Shield patch cord using 360°shielding design, with good resistance to electromagnetic interference characteristics.


UTP cat 5e pacth cord 
network cable ,ethernet cable 
UTP cat 5e 4 pairs copper twist wire patch cord

Industrial Standards:YD/T1019-2001,(USA)ANSI/TIA/EIA-568B,(International)ISO/IEC11801/71156

Conductor:Solid&Stranded soft circle twisted copper wire

Insulation:High-density Polythene(HDPE)


 Rip wire (Optional)

Rating Temperature:75

Application:ISDN,10BASE-T EthernetIEEE802.3)100BASE-T EthernetIEEE802.3).155MbpsATM100Vg-AngLAN(IEEE802.12)TP-PMD(ANSIX3T9.5)16mBPS Token RingIEEE802.5)1000BASE-T EthernetIEEE802.3ab)