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RJ11-DB9 MALE NW01-A10

RJ11-DB9 MALE NW01-A10
Model: NW01-A10

What Are the Differences Between RJ11 And RJ45?

The following parts would cover the differences between the rj45 connector and the rj11 connector.

RJ11 Connector VS RJ45 Connector: Physical Appearance

RJ11 Connector is a 4-slot connector and has six pins. As for the RJ45 connector, it is broader than RJ11, and the rj45 connector wiring has 8 pins. Therefore, there is no possibility of fitting an RJ11 connector into an RJ45 slot.

RJ11 Connector VS RJ45 Connector: Application

RJ45 Connector: The rj45 connector is commonly used for connecting Ethernet cables to switch or serial data modem. Typically, the RJ45 connector can be found in copper cable network systems.
RJ11 Connector: Today, the rj11 connector is typically used in analog telephony to connect the phone instrument and the cable, and the modems. The rj11 crystal connector is one of the most popular in the telephone.

RJ11 Connector VS RJ45 Connector: Bandwidth

Because of their various applications of them, they have different bandwidths. The rj45 connector wiring system supports 10Gbps bandwidth. But the RJ11 supports just 24Mbps bandwidth. 

Is RJ11 the same as Ethernet?

The RJ11 is different from the Ethernet network. Because the ethernet cable requires an RJ45 connector with 8 pins, the RJ11 connector just has 4 pins.


RJ11-DB9 公头 NW01-A10