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Patch cord OS2 9/125 Singlemode Simplex FC/UPC-FC/UPC

Patch cord 
Connector Type  FC/UPC-FC/UPC
Fiber Mode OS2 9/125μm
Insertion Loss ≤0.3dB
Min. Bend Radius
(Fiber Core)
Attenuation at 1310 nm 0.36 dB/km
Fiber Count Simplex
Cable Jacket PVC
Operating Temperature -20~70°C
Fiber Grade G.657.A1 (Compatible with G.652.D)
Wavelength 1310/1550nm
Return Loss ≥50dB
Min. Bend Radius
(Fiber Cable)
10/5D (Dynamic/Static)
Attenuation at 1550 nm 0.22 dB/km
Cable Diameter 2.0mm
Polarity A (Tx) to B (Rx)
Storage Temperature -40~80°C
Model: Fiber Optical patch cord

Product Description 
Patch cord 

1. The material of Ceramic Ferrule: Zirconium  quality stable and easy for polishing
2. Good supply capacity(20K-30K pieces connectors each day)
3. Fast delivery time(5-7days)
4. Complied to ISO9001 quality system
5. 100% testing before shipment
6. 3D passed testing with report for option
7. All kinds of connector for option(SC,LC,FC,ST,MU,MTRJ,MPO/MTP,ODC,ODLC,SMA905 and so on)


1)FTTH, LAN, PON & Optical CATV, Local ring net
2) Optical fiber communication system 
3) Optical fiber test equipment
4)Optical fiber sensor 
5) Industry and military application


(1) Ceramic Ferrule; 
(2) High return loss; 
(3) Low insertion loss; 
(4) Good repeatability and and exchangeability 
(5) Excellent Polished and 100% tested; 
(6) Complying with Telcordia ,GR-326-Core, IEC and RoHS Standard.

Performance Index
patch cord

Item SM(Single Mode) MM(Multimode)
Fiber Cable Type G652/G655/G657 OM1 OM2/OM3/OM4
Fiber Diameter (um) 9/125 62.5/125 50/125
Cable OD (mm) 0.9/1.6/1.8/2.0/2.4/3.0
Typical Insertion Loss (dB) <0.2 <0.15 <0.2 <0.1 <0.1
Return Loss (dB) >45 >50 >60 /
Insert-pull Test (dB) <0.2 <0.3 <0.15
Interchangeability (dB) <0.1 <0.15 <0.1
Anti-tensile Force (N) >70
Temperature Range (℃) -40~+80