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Model Name KVV POWER cable
Place of Origin Guangdong, China
Conductor BC
Insulating material SPE
Brand Name VRGHT
AL Foil Bonded Al-Foil
Certification CPR CE
Jacket Color Black/White
Jacket material PVC
Marking On Jacket On your request (Print your brand)
Model: KVV POWER cable
KVV cable is suitable for the wiring of electric controlling equipment and instrument, monitoring and controlling return.
High strength PVC flame retardant jacket Excellent new PVC material after hundreds of repeated tests,our outer skin has high tensile strength flexibility flame retardant performance and aging resistance.
The copper core is made of high-quality
oxygen-free copper,with low resistance,
good conductivity and higher safety.
Application: 1. control cable is suitable for connecting wires between electrical equipments in controlling , monitoring loop and protecting circuit at rated voltage up to and include 450/750V(A.C.) 2. control power cable with fire resistance can also be made.It applies to the places with special demands of flame retardant property .
KVV:Copper ConductorPVC Insulated and Sheathed
Conteol Cable,Section Area(mm²):0.75 1.0 1.5 2.5 4 6 10
Application Site:Permanent installation indoors,in cable ditches or pipes