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Flexible Cable/Security Cable/Alarm Cable/4 Cores POWER Cable

Model Name Power Cable 4 Cores
Place of Origin Guangdong, China
Conductor BC
Cross-sectional area 0.5mm²,0.75mm²,1mm²,1.5mm²2mm²6mm²
Brand Name VRGHT
Voltage level 300/500V
Jacket color Black 
Operating temperature -25℃-70℃
Sheath thickness 0.82mm
Certification CPR CE
Jacket material PVC
Marking On Jacket On your request (Print your brand)
Model: 4 Cores Power Cable
The cable(4 Cores POWER Cable) is suitable to be fixed wireing of power device,power lighting of home electric equipment and instrument, inner wiring of electric enquipment Instrument, electron equipment, automatization device etc.
Suitable for use in conduit and for fixed, protected installation of Wiring Burglar Alarm, Public Address Systems,Intercoms, Telephone Stations, Speakers, Instrumentation, Control and other Low Voltage Circuits that are Power Limited and anti-interference needed 

The VRGHT power cable is made of pure copper conductor, low resistance transmission, low loss and has a flexible sheath. Has CE and ROHS certification. The use of PVC new material wire, leaving the open flame is not easy to burn, no pungent smell, soft and easy to bend, with thicker skin protection. Wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, sun and rain resistance, stable output current, long service life. The skin thickness is uniform, with protection protection, effectively prevent current breakdown, ensure safety.