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High quality and professional Elevator cable wire power cat5 lift travelling cable for elevator lifting

Elevator cable Product Description

Conductors : multiply bare roud coppe wire stranding 
Solid polytene or PVC -isolation 
Adding strong tensile force steel wire and fibre
Soft bare copper or tinned copper braiding shielding
Soft polyviny chloride(NBR/PVC) jacket
Permitted Working Temperature for longer time:No More Than 70'C
Adopting tensile force materials imported,exterior jacket soft PVC,good flexibility and antijamming abilites.

Model: Elevator cable FTP cat5 with power cable

What is an Elevator Cable or Traveling Cable?

The elevator traveling cable connects the elevator car to the controller. All power and signal information is transferred through the travelling cables in traditional elevators. 

These cables are expected to last for a long time. Elevator traveling cable is a multi-conductor wire that is always in motion.The average life expectancy is 15 to 20 years.

Design of Elevator Cables

Elevator cables use bare copper conductors which possess 100% conductivity. Since copper is corrosion resistant, it gives elevator cables a longer shelf life. Copper also increases the current-carrying capacity of the cables.

Elevator cables are made to put as little strain on the copper conductors as possible. This extends the life of the cables even further. These wires have white cores with black numbering and a single green or yellow earthing core to make identification easier.

Elevator cables are insulated with high-quality PVC. They can withstand a wide range of chemicals, acids, oils, and alkalis as a result of this. These cables are also exceptionally sturdy and abrasion-resistant due to their PVC insulation. 

The greatest advantage, however, is heat resistance and reduced smoke emissions. If a fire occurs, these wires will produce less hazardous smoke, preventing the situation from worsening.

Features of Elevator Cables

  • Exceptional strength and performance is one of the major features of elevator cables
  • They are simple to use, handle. Installations are also simple. 
  • It's well-insulated and safe to use.
  • Manufacturers use high-quality materials to make elevator cables.
  • PVC insulation makes it suitable for adverse weather conditions.
  • These cables are available in variable sizes and custom packaging in the market. 

Physical Specifications:   

  • Product Name: FTP Cat 5e 4p+ Power cable + steels
  • Color: Grey Or Optional
  • Type: Flat
  • Insulation: 3.6mm
  • Conductor: 4x2x8/0.15mm Strands Copper
  • Steel: 2x19/0.2mm
  • Jacket: PVC Or( LOSH )
  • Shields: Al-foil+96/0.12 TC braiding
  • Coverage:  Double Al-foil + 96/0.12 Braiding 90%
  • Outer Diameter: 8.0*16.5mm