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25 pairs HYA cable High Quality Telephone Cable for Indoor Communication Use

Product description:

  • Feature different strand lay-length, keeping good NEXT and FEXT, anti-electromagnetic disturbimprovement .
  • Structure bare copper, PE insulation, FR PVC/LSOH PVC jacket, twinning structure, flexible added, easily cabling.
  • Telephone cable trunk transmission .
Single package size: 80X80X100 cm
Package Type:
2400/1800/1200/600/500/300/200/150/100/50/30/25/20/10 Pairs Telephone Cable
100m/200m per PE film
300m/500m per Pywood reel or Plastic reel
500m/1000m per wooden drum
Other packing is available as request

What is Telephone Cable?

A telephone cable is a method of guided transmission for your phone line. This means it acts as a physical path to transmit electromagnetic waves and carry information from point to point. This is done by means of a conductive material such as copper wiring.

What is Multiple Telephone Cable?

Compared with the simple telephone cable, the multiple telephone cable consist of groups of insulated conductors that are first twisted into pairs before being cabled together in the same form as multi-conductor cables.

What are the Differences Between Ethernet Cable and Telephone Cable?

Ethernet and telephone cables look fairly similar and it is not uncommon to get the two mixed up.  The key difference between the two is the size of the plastic connectors on the ends of the cable.  Telephones use an RJ11/RJ12 connector whereas Ethernet uses RJ45. RJ11/RJ12 only uses 4-6 pins whereas RJ45 uses 8 pins.

Established in 2006, GHT is a worlwide telephone cable factory and one of the leading telephone cable manufacturers in China, who sales multiple telephone cable and telephone cable to many countries and regions.  

Model NO. Multi Pairs Telephone Cable
Conductor Dimension 0.37mm/0.40mm/0.50mm, 24AWG
Conductor Material OFC/BC/CCA/CCS
Insulation 1. Water blocking swellable tape (optional)
2. HD-PE (High density polyethylene)
3. 1.0mmHD-PE(Highdensity polyethylene)

Number of

Twisted Pair

Shielding UTP/Polyester Tape/Al Foil
Ripcord yes/no Yes with Nylon
Jacket PVC (Polyvinyl-Chloride)/ LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen)/PE
Separator Mylar Spirally Wrapped
Color Different color is available
Operating temperature -20 ° C - +75 ° C
Service Life 20~25 years