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2 Pairs Shielded Telephone Cable/ Communication Cable

Product Structure Telephone Cable

Conductor: High purity oxygen-free copper wire(99.99%), with low resistance, signals attenuation decrease, fast speed, high transmission rate and so on.

Insulating material: High density polyethylene(HDPE), make use of the high communication degree wiredrawing and annealing in-line machine to product, make it with signals attenuation decrease, fast speed, characterized by high transmission rate.

Jacket material: Imported polyvinyl chloride(PVC) material, with wear resistance. Oil resistant, acid and base resistant, long life and other characteristics.

Model: telephone Cable

Application Scope

Twisted Telephone Cable for digital communications is used in building wiring systems in the workplace communications leads to terminal and the handover distribution frame between the voice transmission wiring, as well as residential cabling user traffic leads to the terminal and the handover distribution frame between the voice transmission system.

(This product is widely applied to a variety of network cabling structure and transmission media, such as audio, digital communication, massage, images, video and other high-speed, large-capacity and security, high privacy at local area network environment)


Electric Capability

*Unbalance of D.C. Resistance: ≤2.5%

*Insulated Resistance:≥5000MMΩ·km

*Unbalance Capacitance between wire and earth: ≤330pF/100m

*Transmission Characteristics: Reference YD/T322-1996

*Reference Standards: YD/t1019-2001; UL758; UL1581; UL444; TIA/EIA-568; CSA C22.2; ISO/IEC11801; (Performance and superior to the above standards)



Electrical Properties:
Nom. DC Resistance per Conductor@20
6.43Ohms/Kft. Nom.

CapacitanceBetween Conductors@1KHz
35pF/ft. Nom.

Operating Voltage: 300V/RMS max
Temperature Rating: -20oC to 60oC

Standard packing:
100m/rolll, 100m/box; 100m/plastic spool; 300m/wooden spool