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RJ45/Rj11 Telephone Rosette Box

RJ45/Rj11 Telephone Rosette Box
Model: Modular Jack

What is RJ45/Rj11 Telephone Rosette Box Used for?

This product is used for separating voice signals and ADSL digital signals from telephone signals. It can produce the voice signal and ADSL digital signal from the interference of a telephone and a fax machine. It usually is used with an rj45 crystal connector or rj11 crystal connector.


1) Surface mountable box, one or two port available
2) Hold industry standard modular keystone inserts
3) Snap-on cover with designation areas for color coded icons/tabs and white-on labels
4) Bezels are included, allow flat jacks to be snapped in place
5) Waterproof, tooless type. High-impact housing
6) Contact pin: Phosphor bronze with gold plated
7) Suitable for desktop and wall in
8) Surface Mount Boxes Apply to ul194v-o high-impact fire-retardant
9) Use PC, ABS material
10) Use color voice icon and information icon, offer personal management icon.


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