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RJ45 8P8C UTP CAT5E Crystal Connector Gold-Plated Content 1-50μ

>Reference T568A/T5688B general line sequence
>Crystal head shrapnel surface gold-plated
>Crystal head with UL E136725 qualification
>Meet FCC specification 
Model: RJ45
1) With 10/100/1000M Base-T/TX Lan transformers or filters built-in
2) Available for SMT or DIP package 
3) Available with and without Tab-up or Tab-down LEDs
4) Suitable for CAT 5 and 6 Fast Ethernet cable or better UTP
5) Internal magnetics are 100% electrically tested for HI-POT and functionality 
6) 350uH MIN OCL with 8mA Bias current 
7) Available for RoHS parts 
1) RJ45 1 x 1 Port, 1 x 2 ports,2 x 4 ports, 1 x 8 ports with internal magnectics 
2) RJ45 2 x 2 Ports, 2 x 4 ports, 2 x 6 ports, 2 x 8 ports with internal magnectics