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3.5mm - 2AUX Cable Black PVC Audio Cable

3.5mm audio cable

- Male to male 3.5mm aux cable 
- 3.5mm TS mono plug 
- 4.0mm PVC patch cable 
- PVC insulation cable 
- 28awg*1C + Spiral shielding wire 
- 3.5mm mono cable 
- 3.5mm TS cable 
- 3.5mm jack aux cable
Model: Audio cable


A composite cable is a video/ audio cable that has the multimedia signal transferred to a connector.
An alternative name for the composite cable is RCA cable.
The cable is named after RCA, the type of connector used in these cables to carry multimedia video and audio signals. RCA is the name of the RCA phono connector, introduced initially in the 1930s for radio phonographs.
A composite cable usually has three connectors, one for the video and two for the audio (left and right). The video plug is yellow, the left audio for stereo audio is white, and the right audio is red. 
Composite cords with just one connector also exist, though the standard is the cable with three plugs. If the cable has just one connector, it is a composite video cable. 

Features Aux Cable Audio Cable

• Auxiliary cable connects any two devices with 3.5mm ports

• Reinforced with Kevlar® that wraps around the outer cable as well as through the center of each inner cables core

• Nylon braided outer sheath, strain relief and strong aluminum connector housings

• Engineered for extreme durability and heavy everyday use that can withstand any twist, tug or tangle with 30,000 bends lifespan

• 24K gold plated connectors for premium sound quality

• 6.56-foot / 2-meters length ideal for use everywhere