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Indoor UTP Cat 6A Twisted Pair Cable/ Lan Cable

Material Instruction
1.CCA or 23AWG Solid Bare Copper 23AWG.
2.Eco-friendly,pollution-free and new materials selected. Promise new material only.
3.Insulation: HDPE.
4.Eco-friendly PVC/LSZH Jacket , high-temperature resistance, long working life.

Standard / Certificate
Reference Standard: YD/T1019-2001,ISO/IEC11801,ANSI/TIA/EIA - 568B,UL444
Certificates ISO9001,14000, UL, ROHS.


1. Suitable for structured premised cabling;
2. For transmission of digital and analogue voice and data signals
3. Especially suitable for all Class EA applications;
4. ISDN, Ethernet 10 Base-T, Fast Ethernet 100 Base-T, Gigabit Ethernet 1000Base-T, 10G Base T(IEEE802.3)
5. Token Ring4/16 Mbit/s, TP-PMD/TP/DDI 125bit/s, ATM155Mbit/s(IEEE 802.5)

Electronic Characteristics
Impedance: 4-100MHz 100± 15(ohms).
100-200MHz 100± 22(ohms).
200-1000MHz 100± 32(ohms).
Support 10-Gigabit Ethernet network transmission requirements;
Comply with ROHS standard;
Max. Conductor DC Resistance 20º C: 4.8(ohms/100m)
Resistance unbalance(%): Max2.5
Pair-to-Ground Capacitance Unbalance: 330(Pf/100m)
Transfer Independence: Max 10 mohms/m@100MHz.
Coupling Attenuation: Min 80 Db.
Installation temperature: 0-50º C.
Operation temperature: -20~60º C