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Flexible power Cable/Security Cable/Alarm Cable/RV Cable

The cable is suitable to be fixed wireing of power device,power lighting of home electric equipment and instrument, inner wiring of electric enquipment Instrument, electron equipment, automatization device etc.
Suitable for use in conduit and for fixed, protected installation of Wiring Burglar Alarm, Public Address Systems,Intercoms, Telephone Stations, Speakers, Instrumentation, Control and other Low Voltage Circuits that are Power Limited and anti-interference needed 
Model: Power Cable
1,This cable is produced according to the standard BS6500,IEC60227:1993, VDE 0281
2,BS6360 Class 5,Solid or Stranded Bare Copper Conductor
3,BS7655 TI 1 PVC Insulation
4,PVC Sheathed, color available