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GHT WIRE & CABLE CO.,LIMITED is one of the Chinese leading manufacturers of LAN cables, coaxial cables (Cable TV, Satellite TV, CCTV), HDMI, VGA, CCTV cables, power cord, etc.

Our headquarter factory is established in Foshan, it takes only 50mins to Guangzhou International Airport, and 30mins to the nearest subway station. Our 2 branch factories are set up in Jiexi.

We equipped with advanced producing equipments and inspection devices sourced from the USA, Europe, Japan, Taiwan etc. We also possess well-qualified team with decades of experiences in cable and wire research, production and management. With good market reputation, our product is hot exporting to Europe, Middle East, South America, Southeast Asia, Africa, etc.

GHT Cable will keep on developing and carrying out the latest technology of cable products to meet the demand of the market. We also applied a brand new logo VRGHT™, with its similar pronunciation "we are GHT" to impress our clients. We look forward to working with you to satisfy your wire & cabling products need.

Our overall philosophy is to help our clients reach their goals, so we pay more attention on quality control, material cost, market trends, client needs, because ultimately their success is vital to our own.

To committed better service for all client, we established an headquarter office in Foshan, Guangdong. Here, we have different language foreign-merchandisers, we sincerely provide more convenient service for client from all over the world. At the same time, we share and update global product information and its newest development, and try to be closer with you.


Mission: Produce and provide quality products, strive for innovation for the benefit of clients, meeting the most stringent quality standards and make absolute commitment to our customers.


Vision: To be the most reliable strategic partner for our clients, through a constant commitment in the solution of their necessities.


Value: To dedicate to clients’ satisfaction and success;
Pursue speed and efficiency, focusing on innovation that has an impact on clients and on the company;
Building worth-trusted and responsible interpersonal relationship.